25 giugno 2010

Olivia Palermo style icon!

Here I am with a new post, I wanted to talk about the icons of style in general and in particular of my icon ... Olivia Palermo! Well, in my opinion the style icons have a great reason to exist, there have always been, someone dressed as a model for me is very funny. Looking at the celebrities for example, we can identify the style that most resembles our own. But there is a problem ... many times it is likely to be only the drafts, it seems a sentence already felt. Inspired someone does not mean copying from head to foot its look, but we should give that extra touch that makes us unique ourselves. For me, Olivia is a very classy girl, I love his style and his combinations, I look at her outfits very often, and try to understand what that touch so much from that class. Personality, is what distinguishes it. It can also wear a suit but they will be as if she wore a Versace. What is your favorite style icon? Write it in the comments.

xoxo Audrey.

In this photo yesterday, the poor quality sorry, I was inspired by the look of Olivia, wearing a frilly blouses , trousers narrow at the bottom, a simple jacket and my Hermes Birkin. The other two are my best friends. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of one with this outfits, I will forgive.

4 commenti:

  1. Aaaw, you all 3 look sooo chic :)

  2. wow! i love Olivia Palermo!! ha uno stile stupendo!



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